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In criminal defense cases, it’s essential to put the prosecution on the defensive by undermining three pillars of criminal cases: the actions or motivations of law enforcement officers, the collection and chain of evidence and the reliability of civilian witness testimony. As a criminal defense attorney with more than 38 years of experience, Jack Venturi understands how law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges think.

With extensive criminal trial experience and training at Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, Mr. Venturi acts as a consultant to other criminal trial lawyers in state and federal cases, assisting in questions concerning the testimony of accusing witnesses, the believability of eyewitness testimony and questionable investigative procedures.

As a consultant, Mr. Venturi is available to assist criminal trial lawyers in case preparation, cross examination of witnesses, developing trial strategies, preparing closing statements and undertaking investigative responsibilities if necessary. For additional information regarding Mr. Venturi’s criminal case law consulting services, contact Jack Venturi Law today at 1-732-247-3340

Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Venturi and Criminal Prosecutions

As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Venturi has extensive trial experience representing clients accused in criminal cases involving:

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Throughout New Jersey, municipalities and counties struggle to manage the limited resources they have to investigate and fight crime. Consequently, police, investigators and prosecutors typically develop a narrative early on in a case that they believe fits the evidence and witness testimony they deem important. As a result, they often ignore exculpatory evidence or contradictory witness testimony and don’t always follow up on alternative leads. As a criminal trial consultant, Mr. Venturi can assist you in exploiting the corners investigators and prosecutors cut in order to obtain an indictment and conviction.

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