Criminal Sexual Contact with a Minor

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Adults who come into regular contact with minors can find themselves facing a criminal investigation on charges of sexual contact with a minor. Teachers, coaches, clergy, daycare workers, bus drivers and camp counselors are often targets of criminal sexual investigations when minors claim they’ve been sexually molested. Depending on the age of the minor involved, investigators, social workers and psychologists can imprint information on alleged victims by asking leading questions regarding where they were touched and what happened. At the criminal defense law office of Jack Venturi Law, we understand the forensic issues involved in such cases. We have the resources and knowledge needed to undermine questionable interview techniques, hearsay and vague accusations upon which prosecutors often rely.

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If your child has been accused of a crime it is important that neither you or your children answer questions, make statements or consent to searches by law enforcement.

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Interviewing Minors in Sex Crimes Cases

While each case is different, it’s not unusual for children to be interviewed by specialists and psychologists in cases involving allegations of sexual molestation. In cases involving toddlers and young children, a doll or pictures may be used. The child will be asked to identify where he or she was touched or describe what happened. The problem here is that young children aren’t always able to distinguish play or pretend from reality. As a result, ideas may be imprinted on a child that results in them making statements that aren’t true. This is especially important in cases in which there is no physical evidence to support the claim that sexual molestation took place.

Investigators and Allegations of Criminal Sexual Contact with a Minor

Investigators don’t always tell a suspect everything they know. As a result, suspects often make the mistake of trying to talk their way out of being arrested or withholding information they believe might be incriminating even through they know they aren’t guilty. Investigators can then become more suspicious, taking steps to begin the process of turning the case over to the prosecutor for formal criminal charges.

For these reasons it’s important to retain legal representation at the earliest possible stage in an investigation for criminal sexual contact with a minor. Since minors can invent stories, misinterpret things and agree with what adults say out of fear or a desire not to get into trouble, the evidence investigators go on may be flimsy at best. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can preempt an investigation in some cases and avoid its heading to trial.

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