eBay Fraud

New Jersey Computer Crime Attorneys

The most commonly reported form of Internet fraud is online auction fraud. Sites such as eBay are often home to a variety of purchase scams and illegal auctions. And because online fraud cases aren’t like traditional fraud cases, they must be prosecuted differently. These cases require a superior level of technical knowledge that you will find at Jack Venturi Law.

If you are facing charges or allegations of eBay fraud, you need a computer crime defense attorney with experience.

Your best defense is Jack Venturi Law.

As one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey, Jack Venturi will build an effective and aggressive case on your behalf. New legal issues continue to arise and change the landscape of the law surrounding internet and computer law and our attorneys are at the forefront of this type of fraud. Contact the computer crime defense attorneys at Jack Venturi Law if you have been charged with:

  • Purchase scam involvement
  • Creating Counterfeit Money Orders
  • Shilling
  • Bid shielding
  • Piracy and Counterfeiting
  • Internet Fencing
  • Triangulation
  • Shell Auctions
  • Phishing

Our computer crime defense attorneys can represent you in any court in New Jersey, including Newark, Trenton, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Paterson, Elizabeth, Somerville, Flemington, Hackensack, and Freehold.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a computer crime, call Jack Venturi Law at 732-247-3340 today.

New Jersey eBay Fraud Statute § N.J.S.A. 56:8-2

At Jack Venturi Law, our New Jersey Defense Attorneys will vigorously defend you against computer crime charges such as:

  • Computer Hacking Crimes
  • Cyber Bullying