How to eliminate or erase your criminal record

Finger print cardA criminal record can be damaging to a person’s employment opportunities and occupational goals. It can also damage a person’s image with their colleagues, friends and family. It can follow a person forever and be a constant weight on their shoulders. There is a way to eliminate or erase your criminal record, though. In New Jersey there is an expungement process that allows for the elimination and erasing of your criminal record. The expungement process is available for felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, municipal ordinance convictions, arrest records, entry into a pretrial intervention (PTI) program or a conditional discharge program, guilty pleas and even guilty verdicts.

The expungement process is long and can be confusing and complicated. The first step to expunge a criminal record is to request a state police criminal history record and fingerprint check. The next step requires the completion of various forms including the Petition for Expungement Order, the Order for Hearing and the Expungement Order. Step three requires that these forms be properly filed and served with a cover letter. Finally, filed copies of these forms must be distributed through certified mail, and once the certified receipt cards are returned, they must be presented with a Proof of Notice form. Once these steps are completed it is time for a hearing to determine if the expungement will be granted. After a successful hearing the finalized Expungement Order should be distributed. These complicated steps require a competent defense attorney by your side.

If you have a criminal record you would like to have expunged remember to contact a knowledgeable expungement attorney. Our attorneys can help you along the way, step by step, to ensure you abide by the state’s mandated expungement process. For help, call 732-247-3340 or e-mail New Jersey expungement attorneys at Jack Venturi Law today.

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