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If you have been a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud, you may not have recovered from the devastating effects, even after law enforcement has pursued charges against the thief. At Jack Venturi Law, our identity theft assistance attorneys will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to undo the damage to your name and credit. Our tough, smart lawyers will quickly develop the best plan to stop the identity theft from occurring and then erase the damage to your name, credit report and reputation. From Newark to Trenton, Jersey City to Atlantic City, our identity theft assistance attorneys can represent you in and out of any court in New Jersey.

Our attorneys are dedicated to assisting victims of identity theft to restore their credit and get their lives back.

Our identity theft lawyers will work to prevent any additional harm to your identity and credit. This may include helping you obtain a new social security number. If you have had money stolen from you, we will work to get that money back as soon as possible.

Our New Jersey identity theft attorneys work to protect and defend your rights. We are the attorneys that will aggressively fight for you and help you get your identity back. With an office in New Brunswick, our attorneys are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.

Our New Jersey identity theft attorneys will work to remove all negative marks from your credit report. While credit card companies typically have a 0% fraud liability, other financial institutions may fight tooth and nail to avoid returning money to you. In that case, our NJ identity theft attorneys are fully prepared to file legal action against them. In some situations, if the suspect is identified; we can also assist you in filing and prosecuting criminal charges with New Jersey law enforcement. Our identity theft lawyers can assist you with any of the following:

  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Credit restoration
  • Identity fraud
  • White collar crime
  • Computer crimes

Success stories*

Cecilia A. – client got involved with the wrong crowd of people. As a result, they signed her up for credit cards and used them fraudulently. When the bills were not paid, the credit card companies looked to her for payment. Our head identity theft attorney, quickly worked with all of the creditors to get her name taken off of the accounts. As a result, she was not held responsible for any of the debt.

L.L. – client was a very nice, elderly gentleman who lived outside of New Jersey. He had his wallet stolen in the mid-80’s. The thief assumed his identity and got into a lot of trouble in New jersey over the next twenty years. As a result, the client had a New Jersey warrant out for his arrest. worked with the courts to not only get the warrant lifted but to make sure that this would never happened to him again.

M.I. – client had an extreme case of identity theft. Numerous creditors were looking for him to pay about $100,000 in credit card bills and loans that he did not authorize. When he was taken to court, was able to get the case dismissed at the first appearance.

*These cases are just a few examples of the many clients we have helped. Every case is unique and thus, you should not expect the same results just because the facts of your case are the same.

Contact Jack Venturi Law to speak with an experienced lawyer regarding your case. We can represent you with regard to your identity theft matter regardless of where you live.

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