MVC Surcharges

Surcharges are fines that are assessed by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission on an annual basis. Thus, in addition to court fines and increased insurance fees, drivers with excessive points and certain serious offenses such as DWI carry must pay surcharges. If you accumulate six or more points within three years from your last posted violation, you will receive a $150 surcharge plus $25 for each additional point.

Regardless of the amount of points on your license, the following surcharges may also apply:

  • $100 for driving without a license
  • $250 for driving with a suspended license
  • $100 for failure to insure a moped
  • $250 for operating an uninsured vehicle
  • $1,000 for DUI every year for 3 years
  • $1,000 for Refusal to take breathalyzer test every year for 3 years

If you do not pay your surcharges, your driver’s license will be suspended. Aside from DWI, failure to pay surcharge is one of the most common reasons for a suspension. In addition, the MVC may take action in the State Superior Court. This can include securing a lien against your property, garnishing your wages or other similar actions.

As you can see, traffic tickets can be very serious if they are not handled properly. Thus, it is extremely important to prepare the best possible defense for your traffic violations. A major part of your defense should include the hiring of tough, smart attorneys to be in your corner. If you have received a suspension notice from the MVC, call us immediately to help preserve your license.

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