Restraining Orders

New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorneys

Restraining orders are used as a means of protection from abusers or abusive situations. Many times restraining orders are requested as a result of an emotionally charged incident. If a restraining order has been wrongfully issued against you, it can mean separation from your children, inability to visit certain places – an overall loss of freedom. Fighting a restraining order is very difficult but with the right attorney it can be done.

If you are facing a temporary or final restraining order, you need a domestic violence attorney with experience.

Your best defense is Jack Venturi Law.

As one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey, Jack Venturi will build an effective and aggressive case on your behalf. Whether you are fighting a temporary or final restraining order, any one of our highly skilled domestic violence attorneys can help. We can also assist with removing a New Jersey final restraining order or appealing a final restraining order that has been entered against you. Do not wait to contact us. It is imperative that you understand the terms of your restraining order. Violating a restraining order has very serious criminal consequences.

Our domestic violence attorneys can represent you in any court in New Jersey, including Newark, Trenton, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Paterson, Elizabeth, Somerville, Flemington, Hackensack, and Freehold.

If you or a loved one wishes to remove or appeal a restraining order, call Jack Venturi Law at 732-247-3340 today.

New Jersey Restraining Order Statute § R. 5:7A; NJS 2c:12-10; NJS 2c:25-34

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