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Sexting is a relatively new phenomenon that involves the transmission of sexually explicit photos via a mobile phone. While it may seem innocent enough, this activity may be illegal if the participants are under the age of 18.

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Defense of Sexting and Child Pornography Charges

Sexting laws can be especially tricky depending on the age of the parties involved. If a 15-year-old sends a sexually explicit photo to a 17-year-old, he or she may face distribution of child pornography charges. The 17-year-old may be charged with possession of child pornography. If the 17-year-old passes the message on to another recipient, he or she may be charged with distribution of child pornography.

The long-term effects of a sex crime conviction can be devastating on the life of a minor. Consequences may include jail or prison time, large fines, registration as a sex offender and more. In addition, the stigma of a sex crime conviction may haunt a minor for years to come, personally, academically and professionally.

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