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  • WIN!: Attorney Jack Venturi Gets “Not Guilty” Verdict for Father Charged With Sexual Assault of Daughter.

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, a jury acquitted attorney Jack Venturi’s client, a father, of five counts of aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, and child endangerment. Ultimately, the jury rejected the false allegations of his daughter, who claimed he had forced her to have anal sex with him beginning at age ten through to age thirteen. The father, an Air Force veteran who served in the Iraqi war and worked for the same company for twenty years, testified on his own behalf, denied all the allegations and was eventually found not guilty.

The case began when the father, who was divorced, caught his daughter “sexting” her boyfriend nude pictures of herself along with verbal messages discussing oral and anal sex. As a result, the father forbade her from seeing the boy, but she continued to see him until he broke up with her. That’s when she made the first explosive allegation against her father, which persuaded the boyfriend to renew their relationship. At his urging, she reported the allegations to her mother, who alerted the police, and charges were filed.

The alleged acts were said to have occurred in three locations. First, in the marital residence for three years; then in the father’s brother’s house for one year; and then at her father’s new residence. The alleged acts always occurred at night, when other people were present.

Despite the horrific allegations, however, the daughter’s behavior toward her father remained amicable. She never protested spending time with him on weekends or summer vacations. In fact, numerous photos were introduced to the court, showing her happily in his company during his parenting time. Records showed there were no indications of physical or emotional trauma at school or during annual pediatric physicals. The daughter even posted numerous loving photos that included her own homages to her dad on her Instagram account. And a forensic medical exam conducted by a Child Abuse pediatrician found no sign of injury to the anus, sphincter, or rectum.

The jury deliberated on all of this information and then requested that the cross-examinations of the daughter and the dad be played back. Then they returned their verdict: Not guilty on all counts!