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  • WIN!: Attorney Jack Venturi Wins Dismissal of Domestic Violence Restraining Order Against Client

Earlier this month New Jersey attorney Jack Venturi won an unlikely dismissal of a domestic violence restraining order against his client, a man who had been attacked by his ex-girlfriend. The incident in question began when the ex-girlfriend appeared at her ex-boyfriend’s house where the two argued about his failure to make payments for his work van, the title for which was in her name.

As the argument became heated, she attacked him with a bat. He disarmed her and she injured him by biting, punching, and scratching him while he restrained her. Soon afterward he signed a municipal court complaint against his ex-girlfriend for simple assault, which resulted in her arrest.

After she was released, she obtained a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Mr. Venturi’s client in Superior Court, Family Part. She alleged domestic violence by acts of assault, criminal restraint and harassment. She also claimed he had choked her and that she never used the bat she kept in her car.
Ultimately the judge found that none of the alleged acts was proven by evidence, and dismissed the TRO against Mr. Venturi’s client.