What Is Embezzlement in New Jersey?

If you are under investigation for or have been charged with the crime of embezzlement in New Jersey, you’ll need sound legal counsel to protect your rights. Unlike many other types of crimes, embezzlement is typically treated as both a CRIMINAL offense and a civil wrong. That means that you can be convicted and serve time and that you can be sued for the recovery of funds taken.


Under the law, embezzlement is the theft or misappropriation of funds placed in your trust or belonging to your employer. Unlike other forms of larceny or theft, embezzlement involves the wrongful taking of something the perpetrator had permission to handle in some way. While there are many ways in which embezzlement can take place, most often the crime occurs within the context of employment. It can be as simple as taking money from the cash register when no one is looking, but it can take a number of other forms:

  • Depositing vendor or customer checks into a personal account
  • Creating fake expenses
  • Preparing duplicate checks
  • Taking equipment or items intended for company use and converting them to personal use
  • Doctoring books (especially digitally maintained records) to hide losses, stolen amounts or payments to personal accounts

EMBEZZLEMENT can also occur outside of the employment relationship. If you have been entrusted with money or property in any organization, and you convert assets of the organization to personal use, that’s embezzlement. Pocketing money from a fundraiser, selling a family member’s property and taking the proceeds, cashing someone else’s Social Security or other government check—those are all examples of embezzlement.


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