Case Results

  • Not Guilty
    After a 3-day trial, a jury found my client, J.M., not guilty of sexual assault, sexual contact, aggravated assault, assault with domestic violence, robbery or burglary. The complainant claimed JM broke into her apartment, smothered her, put his ...
  • Lesser Charge
    Possessing a prohibited devise/weapon
    I represented a nurse who was charged with possessing a prohibited devise/weapon i.e ., a police baton/nightstick in Burlington. It seemed like a case of racial profiling. A trooper stopped her for tinted windows, claimed he smelled raw marijuana so ...
  • Not Guilty
    Possession of a handgun
    After a 3-day trial, a jury found my client, D.H., not guilty of possession of a handgun. After being stopped for a motor vehicle violation, my client’s car was searched, and a handgun was found in a back pack on the passenger seat. The officer ...