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Drug crimes account for the vast majority of cases in New Jersey courts. In addition to possible incarceration, defendants convicted of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) crime in New Jersey face 6 to 24 months of driver’s license suspension, a criminal record, and high fines.

At Jack Venturi Law, our New Brunswick possession with intent defense attorney is prepared to fight for you. We can represent you in any court in New Jersey. For more than four decades, we have fought for thousands of clients and successfully defended them against all types of New Jersey CDS charges.

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The Nuances of Possession with Intent Charges

Possession with intent to distribute is a serious offense that can have a profound impact on your future if you are convicted. This particular crime can be difficult to prosecute, as prosecutors must present evidence that the perpetrator actually intended to distribute the controlled substance rather than just possessing it. Certain circumstances – such as the presence of scales and plastic bags alongside illegal substances – may allow a jury to infer that the accused was intending to sell or distribute the drugs.

Potential Penalties

If convicted of possession with intent to distribute, you could be facing a variety of penalties. The severity of your sentence will depend on the type of drug found, the amount of the substance, and other circumstances.

Possible penalties include:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Permanent criminal record

At Jack Venturi Law, our possession with intent defense attorney has the skill, experience, and resources needed to effectively fight for you in any court in New Jersey. We are tough and smart when taking on drug crime charges. Our team is easy to reach from anywhere in Middlesex County.

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