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Defending College Students In Sex Crime Cases

College students charged with sex crimes, such as date rape or sexual assault, face serious penalties that could affect their lives forever. Consequences may include jail or prison time, parole supervision for life, and loss of certain civil liberties, such as the freedom to choose where to live, to take certain jobs or to have child custody. If convicted, the student may also be required to register with the New Jersey Internet Sex Offender Registry.

Clearly, the consequences of a sex crime conviction can be harsh and long-lasting. This is why it is important to seek the prompt assistance of an experienced attorney. At Jack Venturi Law, our campus sex crime defense attorney defends college students in Middlesex County and throughout the state of New Jersey.

Defense Of Campus Sex Crimes

At Jack Venturi Law, we know that sex crime allegations are serious. They have the potential to affect your life, your reputation and your future in profound ways.

We aggressively defend college students and other individuals who have been charged with:

We have seen campus sex crime cases involving videotaping or webcam use to record a sexual encounter. But what may have started out as a consensual agreement between two parties could turn into a crime when parties have a falling out and content is distributed. We defend individuals who are accused of privacy violations, possession or distribution of child pornography and related crimes.

The Consequences Of Conviction Affect Your Future

College students who are convicted of a sex crime may face additional educational consequences, such as denied admittance into certain educational programs, loss of scholarships and even expulsion. It is important to work with a lawyer who understands not only the potential criminal consequences associated with a conviction but also the educational ones.

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