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Racketeering And RICO Defense Attorney

At Jack Venturi Law, we are experienced at defending individuals who have been charged with serious state and federal crimes, including racketeering and related crimes. Contact a New Brunswick racketeering defense attorney to learn more.

Defense Of Racketeering & Related Criminal Charges

It is advisable for individuals who are charged with a crime and part of a larger criminal organization to seek legal help individually. Our law firm is experienced at defending individuals charged with racketeering and these specific crimes:

We are familiar with the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) that allows for extended criminal penalties for individuals who are a part of a criminal organization. Gang members and members of organized crime groups may be subject to RICO laws, and therefore face increased or enhanced penalties. Our goal is to fully analyze the legal charges to determine if a client is involved in a guilt-by-association situation, or if the charges are independent of a criminal organization. We will take the time to fully explore your legal options and help you determine the best way of proceeding.

Contact A Gang Crimes Defense Attorney In Middlesex County

If you have been charged with racketeering or another serious federal offense, contact our New Brunswick office to schedule a free consultation. Call 732-798-7002.