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In New Jersey the punishment for driving without a license, whether because your license was refused, suspended, revoked or prohibited, is hefty. For the first offense the fine is $500. The punishment for the second offense is $750 and at least one day in county jail, and the third offense lands you a fine of $1,000 and 10 days in county jail. These fines and jail times are coupled with extended periods of license suspensions (see N.J.S.A. 39:3-40). As the state says: driving is a privilege not a right.

The “privilege” of driving is essential for people to transport their families, get themselves to work and conduct their daily activities. It is a privilege that must be fought for when terminated. Before you take the chance of allowing a traffic violation to turn into a lost license and later increased fines for driving without a license, call an experienced attorney who can help you in your particular case.

If you feel as if you are going to unjustly lose your license because of a traffic violation, or you are currently without a license to drive, call 866-339-7801 or e-mail New Jersey traffic violation defense attorneys at Jack Venturi Law today.