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Methamphetamine, or meth, is a highly potent and dangerous drug, and its use and impact is on the rise all over the country with New Jersey being no exception. The exponential increase in reported meth use has led to state and federal authorities focusing more effort and resources on the prosecution of meth producers, distributors and users. Beyond the damage an accusation of meth production, distribution or use can have on the individual themselves, the legal issues surrounding meth reach deeper and more disastrously into an individual’s life, including into their family life.

There is a growing consensus that the link between parents’ meth use and abuse of those parents’ children is both strong and all too common. It is assumed, due to the damaging and mind-altering effects of the drug, that meth users abuse and neglect their children. This assumed link can lead to the removal of children from the homes of the accused by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. It can also lead to further charges of child abuse and neglect being filed against the accused.

If you are being charged with or investigated for the use, production or distribution of methamphetamine, a conviction can lead to further charges of child abuse and neglect and the potential removal of your children by the authorities. Don’t let an accusation concerning meth-related crimes turn into the loss of your children. Call 866-339-7801 or e-mail New Jersey drug defense and domestic violence defense attorneys at Jack Venturi Law today.