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All over the country and this state there are reports of traffic cops being pressured into writing questionable tickets for traffic violations in order to meet predetermined quotas. Many times the officers feel pressure to secure their own jobs by meeting these quotas in order for their departments to meet their budgets. This was the case in Middlesex County not long ago (for a full version of the story, click here).

The existence of quotas in police department traffic enforcement divisions leads to more prevalent and more expensive fines, often for minor traffic violations. Contrary to popular belief, you can fight traffic tickets and you can avoid paying unnecessarily hefty fines and increased insurance costs. If you do not contest your traffic tickets, you may end up facing harsher penalties such as license suspensions and even possible jail time.

If you feel as if you were given an unnecessary and excessive fine for a minor traffic violation, you need the right attorney to fight for you, your money, your license and your right to drive. Call 866-339-7801 or e-mail New Jersey traffic violation defense attorneysat Jack Venturi Law today.