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Since 1975, Jack Venturi has represented clients in criminal defense matters throughout New Jersey. He is a highly experienced and aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights, your freedom and the best outcome in your case.

If you are suspected of criminal charges, it is important to make sure you are protected at every stage of the case. We are available to address your legal concerns from our office in New Brunswick. Contact us or call toll free at 732-247-3340 to schedule a free initial consultation with Jack Venturi.

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Drug/CDS Defense

If you are charged with possession and distribution of drugs, narcotics or controlled dangerous substances (CDS), our narcotics defense lawyer will fight for you in any court in New Jersey. At Jack Venturi Law, we have more than four decades of experience handling state and federal drug charges.

Assault/Murder Defense

As one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey, Jack Venturi will build an effective and aggressive case, if you have been charged with assault or murder. He has the experience, knowledge and innovative defense tactics to help protect you as well as your family, career and reputation.

Non-Violent Financial Crimes Defense

Since 1975, the criminal defense attorney, Jack Venturi, has handled “white-collar crimes” at the state and federal level in New Jersey. He will help protect your reputation and your job, while keeping you out of prison and preserving your future financial stability.

Sex Crimes Defense

Even if you are not charged, facing the criminal proceeding can be damaging to your family, your employment, and your future. Our New Jersey sexual assault defense attorney knows how to convey to the courts that you are an individual with a unique case who was wrongfully charged.

Theft Defense

We handle the defense of any type of theft crime in New Jersey. We also handle all types of burglary charges involving allegations of breaking and entering to commit a theft or other crime. We understand the serious nature of a criminal prosecution, and will be aggressive advocates for you throughout the legal process.

Firearms & Weapons Defense

Whether you are a hunter, a collector or just the average citizen, a New Jersey weapons charge can ruin your career and your reputation. We recognize that your possession or use of a gun may be completely legal and we can build a case to help you preserve your rights.

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You can call us anytime, toll free at 732-247-3340. If you prefer e-mail, you can contact us using the online e-mail form.

If you are facing criminal charges or entering into a domestic or family legal dispute, you need an aggressive and effective lawyer. At Jack Venturi Law, we have the experience, skill and dedication to defend you in any criminal matter. Do not wait until it is too late to preserve your rights and freedoms. From New Brunswick to Princeton, we can represent you in any court in New Jersey. Contact us today for a free initial consultation in your criminal or family law case.

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