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Attorney Jack Venturi knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a lawyer. He’s made it his life’s mission to fight for the underdog; for people in New Jersey who have ended up in legal trouble due to circumstance, honest mistakes or an unfair system. His confidence comes from a strong intellect and the experience he’s gained in over four decades of practicing law in Middlesex County and the surrounding areas.

To be a great criminal defense attorney, you have to be proficient in the art of dealing with people. It’s important to be able to pick up on the vibes of prosecutors, judges and jurors and respond creatively and insightfully to get the best results for your clients. This is the work Jack Venturi has successfully done for over 40 years and how he’s earned the reputation as a dynamic trial lawyer with a high success rate.

Dedicated And Aggressive Counsel Against Criminal Charges

Our New Brunswick criminal defense attorney recognizes that facing the criminal justice system is one of the most tense and overwhelming experiences a person can endure. Whether you have already been formally charged or you are under investigation for a crime, Jack Venturi can step in and ensure that law enforcement officials and prosecutors do not violate your rights at any stage of the process. Jack Venturi Law represents professionals, college students, public figures, and all other well-meaning individuals who have made a mistake or been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Skilled, Results-Oriented Advocacy

Jack Venturi Law was founded with the belief that everyone deserves high-quality legal counsel. With over four decades of legal experience, Jack Venturi has a vast knowledge of the law that sets him apart from his competitors. We are a results-driven firm that creates customized solutions for our clients that are insightful and creative. In every case, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. When you need an attorney who will defend your rights, look no further than Jack Venturi Law.

Jack Argues Before The New Jersey Supreme Court And Wins!

Attorney Jack Venturi speaks in court about a case that is questioning the following: Was defendant properly granted access into the sexual assault victim’s home to inspect the crime scene based on his constitutional right to a meaningful opportunity to present a complete defense in light of the crime victim’s rights under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the Victim’s Rights Amendment to the New Jersey Constitution, and the Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights?