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Due parental concern for children facing drug crime charges

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Legions of New Jersey parents think first and foremost of one thing when they catalog the prized personal assets in their lives.

That is this: their children.

That is flatly understandable, right? The well-being of sons and daughters is always on the minds of New Brunswick parents and their counterparts spanning New Jersey. Nothing is more important than their welfare and continued protection as they progress from infancy to adolescence and ultimately to a fully realized status as young, smart and empowered adults.

Concededly, there can be some pitfalls marking the way toward maturation.

There is this trouble-inducing catalyst common to juveniles, for example: judgment that is not fully informed.

That is not a character defect. Rather, it is an inherent and logical reality relevant to most young people. They are still growing, with some lapses in decision making inevitable. Impulsive and rash behavior is a hallmark of youth. Peer pressure can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, problems can sometimes ensue when such factors collectively coalesce to drive conduct that brings close scrutiny from law enforcers. Drug-linked activity is a case in point.

Spotlighting college students arrested on drug charges

It certainly happens in New Brunswick and surrounding environs. Parents get “the call” from a frightened and bewildered child that he or she is at the police station and being charged with an unlawful drug offense.

Indeed, that scenario plays out with regularity. Rutgers University and other post-high school educational institutions spur a local student demographic totaling scores of thousands of young people. Alleged criminal activity linked with drug offenses is a recurrent given in such a youth-dominated environment.

And it can be an eminently serious matter, a point duly noted in one legal overview of New Jersey drug charges and potential consequences. That subject matter primer stresses that a criminal charge for many drug offenses “carries harsh penalties, even for a first offense.”

Why students need proven drug-crimes legal counsel

An experienced and empathetic criminal defense attorney will work diligently to secure best-case results for a student facing a New Jersey drug crime like possession, intent to distribute, cultivation or other offense.

And for good reason. The stakes are often exceedingly high. Here are some potential repercussions linked with conviction:

  • Jail/prison time
  • Various costs and fees
  • Probation
  • Loss of driver’s license
  • Enduring social stigma
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Interrupted educational track

Timely and smart advocacy on behalf of an accused individual will explore every possibility leading to an optimal case outcome. A tailored and aggressive defense can be vital for securing the best interests of a youthful offender.