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What does probation supervision for domestic violence entail?

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In New Jersey, when a person has faced allegations of domestic violence, there are certain penalties that accompany a conviction. For many, probation is a better outcome than harsher penalties. Still, it is important to know what must be adhered to when placed on probation and under domestic violence supervision.

Understanding the basics of domestic violence probation

There are certain requirements that a person must follow when put on probation for domestic violence. A probation officer will oversee the case and track how well the person is progressing. The probation officer provides advice on services. There are the basic conditions of probation regardless of the crime. However, with domestic violence cases, there could be extra conditions. There could be contact with the probation officer whether the person is home or at work. He or she may be asked to submit to drug tests.

Treatment for personal and substance-related issues is often part of the process. For example, if drugs are involved, then it may need to be addressed with professional drug counselors. Psychological issues could warrant care from mental health professionals as part of the probation. The person could be asked to report to the probation officer more frequently than others who are on probation for different crimes. If the person wants to leave New Jersey, the probation officer must be informed and grant permission before leaving. If probation is available as part of a criminal defense plea agreement for domestic violence, it is still critical to know what it entails.

Help is key when facing probation for domestic violence

Domestic violence charges can not only cause legal problems, but they can also lead to a person being viewed negatively in the community. It can be costly personally, professionally and financially whether it is a young person just starting out in life or an older person who is an established professional. Income, education and the type of work a person does are irrelevant. Probation may be preferable to worse consequences, but it is vital to understand it.