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Being arrested is a scary and tense experience. Not only is the individual entering a system in which they may lose their freedoms and rights, they are often overwhelmed with other concerns, such as the effect the arrest will have on their jobs and livelihoods, their friends, their family and other relationships, and especially on their children. For a parent an arrest can be devastating. The mother or father is taken away from their children and into custody, and the child, who may have witnessed the arrest, is left confused and frightened. Often, children of arrested parents are placed into foster care by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

An arrested parent should not feel powerless. Have an emergency plan to protect your children if you are arrested. Pick an emergency contact person who can care for your children while you are under arrest, such as a trusted friend or relative, and inform the authorities about this person to avoid any action being taken by the Department of Children and Families. Next, call an experienced defense attorney.

Whether you are trying to have bail reduced in order to be released and returned to your children quickly or you are looking for an attorney to aggressively defend you at trial, don’t let an arrest leave your children unprotected and vulnerable. Call 866-339-7801 or e-mail New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Jack Venturi Law today.